Public Outreach Boards

Large Outreach Display Board and Small Display Board with Table Throw

Region 7 has a large outreach display board (excellent for professional trade shows) and a small display board with R7 table throw that is available to all intergroups in our region for outreach events such as health fairs and county fairs. The large board is easy to assemble, lightweight, and comes in a case that rolls. The small display board with table throw is easily shipped and comes with a carrying case.

OutreachDisplayBoard  Small board and table

How To Reserve Display Boards

  1. Contact the PI Board Coordinator as soon as possible with the following information:
    • Date Needed
    • Specify large or small display board with table throw
    • Location of Event (Be as specific as possible)
    • Name of Event
    • Name, e-mail and phone # of contact person
    • Name, address, and phone number of where it is to be shipped.
  2. Large Display Board:  Follow directions carefully when assembling, disassembling and putting everything back in the container (please be mindful of how it is packed when you receive it, in order to remember how to repack it)
    (FYI: Board cost $1300.00 and took 4 years to complete.)
  3. Region 7 is responsible for shipping costs to send the PI Board to the
    requesting Intergroup (IG). The requesting IG is responsible for shipping costs
    back to PI Board Coordinator.*
  4. Send PI Board via a carrier that provides insurance and detailed tracking (i.e.:
    Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, etc.) Board MUST be insured for $1300.00. Small Board and Throw MUST be insured for 400.00
  5. Return PI Board to the Coordinator within 5 days after the event, unless other
    arrangements have been made between you and the Coordinator.

*If your IG cannot afford shipping charges please contact Coordinator re:
financial assistance from Region 7’s Outreach Scholarship Fund.

We need to get the word out to those who are still suffering that Overeaters Anonymous is here for them. Thank you for your service!


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